The SRS was the longest running synchrotron radiation source in the world. It had been running for over 28 years and continued to provide world class experiments, results and therefore science up until its closure at 13:30 18/08/2008.

At 08:00 on the 02/08/2008 Station 9.8 closed its shutter for the last time only 3398 days ago. Whilst it has sadly been 3552 days since the closure of Station 16.2 SMX.

Station ID19 opened on time to users on the 31/10/2008 (with a little help from Simon Teat).


Over the many years of operation, Station 9.8 and to a less extent 16.2 SMX collected data at a variety of wavelengths. If you are the kind of person who would like to know a wavelength on a particular day then this function will help you.

Wavelength Selector